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Home > Children's Imaginative Play

Children's Imaginative Play
These beautiful, light filled colourful cloths are wonderful for children’s imaginative play. The children use them for dress ups, tablecloths, tents, shops and cubby houses. Used with other toys they become sand (yellow), seas and rivers (blue), and placed on the head with a golden crown your child becomes a brave prince or a beautiful princess. Playcloths are also useful for around a candle for a birthday centrepiece, and are essential backdrops for seasonal and festival table displays.

Wash Day Sets & Playstands
Wash Day Sets & Playstands
All children delight in washing their dolls clothes and hanging them on the line to dry.

Wash day sets - We have a number of sets available such as:
* 24 x 5cm long wooden pegs, 2.5metres of clothes line and a cute cotton peg bag that ties around your waist with a pocket for the pegs.
* washboard and washing tub
* pegs - cute little ones and old fashioned ones

Playstands - Great for Children's games, playing shop, making cubbies, bookshelves and toy storage.

More Imaginative Play
And don't forget to browse our wooden toys, silk / silk veils for more imaginiative play products. Browse this category for links to these products.

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