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Wooden Toys
Carved Wooden Toys
Carved Wooden Toys
These hand crafted wooden figures are made in New Zealand using New Zealand Red or Silver Beech and finished with Tung oil and a paraffin-bees wax mixture.

Carved wooden animals, people, bridges, and trees. Also available are fences, a house, sets, etc.

Picture shows some of the figures available. Please note these wooden toys are made to order and currently not held in stock, due to the nature of them being hand made toys.

Dolls Houses
Dolls Houses
We currently only stock one dolls house, however, we hope to re-introduce our wooden dolls house shortly.

Wooden Castle
Wooden Castle
Wooden castle and accessories - allows you to build a very imaginative castle in many different forms.

Not just for children - my son's grandfather loves playing with these wooden toys.

Wooden accessories such as Arches, Mushrooms and Toadstools.

Shown is our best seller "Wooden Arches" and below this a few mushrooms and toadstools.

World of Colourful Shapes - wooden toys
World of Colourful Shapes - wooden toys
*** NEW ***
Lucky Beetle range of natural wooden toys (imported from Europe).

PLEASE NOTE: We only hold limited stocks and you may have to wait from time to time for our importer to supply us.

The official web site states:-
. The experiences and stimulants of the first few months and early years affect the development of our children through their entire lives.
. It is essential that their physical, emotional, and spiritual development is supported in varied, exciting, and individual ways at the right time.
. We would love to take on this responsibility in partnership with you.
. The heirloom quality toys and "beautiful things" from us have been carefully designed and selected for use by generation after generation.
. Items purchased from us will support children as they grow through each developmental stage.

Toys made from Natural Materials
Toys made from Natural Materials
Toys made from natural materials such as building blocks, dolls' house furniture, and children's jigsaw puzzles.

Imported from Germany - we hold only limited stock and delivery may be subject to stocks held by the importer.

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