Duck Family and Pond

Duck Family and Pond
Pattern and Kit

A sweet kit to make a family of ducks and a little pond for them to swim on. Each Kit will make two ducks, 2-3 ducklings, a pond with lily pad and flower and three grasses to decorate the edge of the pond.

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Duck Family and Pond
Pattern and Kit

Weight: 120g 

Requirements included in the kit:

  • blue felt for pond 20x45cm
  • scraps of green felt for grass and lily pads
  • scraps of pink felt for flower
  • cream felt for ducks 15x20cm
  • pale yellow felt for ducklings 20x11cm
  • scrap of orange felt for beaks
  • wool stuffing
  • threads
  • pins and sewing needle
  • card and paper clips for grass
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Kit includes pattern and all requirements to make a pond with lily pad and grass, two ducks and three duckings, including sewing needle and pins.

Additional requirements, scissors and paper for pattern pieces.