Your Wild Books and Crafts

Brooke Davis is the author and creator of Your Wild Books. Since 2019 she has published 7 books and developed a range of card games and craft supplies that encourage children to have a deeper connection to nature. Her books can be found in more than 300 stores around the world and have sold over 45,000 copies.

Brooke’s books encourage kids aged 3-12 years to use their imagination and get creative using natural materials and items found around the home.

The affordable, plastic-free craft and play ideas in her books encourage more green time and less screen time.

The question driving her is

'How are children going to care for the environment if they spend a decreasing amount of time in nature?'

She hopes that her books will encourage the next generation of nature warriors to protect the Earth.

Prior to publishing her first book, Brooke founded and ran the award-winning outdoor nature play program called Wild Imagination. Over 20,000 children experienced the program and the activities they enjoyed have helped guide the content of her books.

Brooke lives with her family on Peramangk Country in the stunning Adelaide Hills. In her spare time, she enjoys cups of tea with friends, hiking and deciphering bird calls – occasionally all at the same time!